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this site exists to offer everything you need about banco de gaia. officially launched on july 10 2000, though with content as early as 1994, it is the creation of gavin stok and forms part of the digital symphonies collection.


  frequently asked questions (faq)

all the latest news on banco de gaia - the new album, remixes being worked on, upcoming gigs, and more. 

your one stop shop to learn about banco de gaia. the faq tells you about the man behind it, the music, meanings of songs, and much, much more.


  flyers and pictures

many albums, some no longer available. a handful of singles of remixes. the discographies cover it all, complete with pictures of covers.

see flyers and pictures of gigs, new releases, the band, advertisements for items including banco de gaia remixes. stop. listen. look.

  press articles


from interviews to album reviews, these press articles grab the best from all the magazines and internet sites out there.

for a different perspective on music get reviews from fellow listeners. these reviews are written by banco de gaia listeners for banco de gaia listeners. your contribution is encouraged!



if you want to help support this site check out what's wanted. also feel free to get in touch if you have any additions or corrections to this site. donations are always welcomed!

congratulations to charles holmes who won a signed copy of 10 years in the current competition.

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