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the band covers the (one) member of banco de gaia, what's being worked on, and how to make contact.

catalogue covers all their music releases in detail. it also covers dj sets and all the remixes done.

the music looks deeper into meanings of songs, why things weren't released, and what equipment banco de gaia uses.

miscellaneous covers all the odds & ends not covered by the other sections.

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  the band


who is banco de gaia?

what albums has banco de gaia recorded?

does banco de gaia plagiarise?


when is the next banco de gaia album due?

   freeform flutes and floating tibetans

who are electrotek?

   deep live

who is toby marks?


who is ted duggan?

   last train to lhasa

who is jennifer folker?

   live at glastonbury

has banco de gaia performed with other artists?

   big men cry

has banco de gaia toured?

   the magical sounds of banco de gaia

has banco de gaia won any awards?


is banco de gaia on the internet?

   10 years

how can i meet banco de gaia?

   10 years remixed

  the music

what singles has banco de gaia recorded?

what does banco de gaia's music sound like?

   desert wind

what other artists sound like banco de gaia?

   heliopolis: the city of sun mixes

where do banco de gaia get their samples?

   last train to lhasa

what is banco de gaia's attitude about samples?


what was done to the vocal in amber?

   drunk as a monk

was big men cry a depressing album?

   i love baby cheesy

is the magical sounds... basically maya 2?

   how much reality can you take?

was recording vocals difficult for banco de gaia?

what music videos has banco de gaia recorded?

how was glove puppet recorded?


how was b2 recorded?

   last train to lhasa

why did it take so long for old albums to be re-released?

   i love baby cheesy

how does banco de gaia prepare for a live gig?


what instruments and equipment do banco de gaia use?

where can i buy banco de gaia releases?

what else can i buy of banco de gaia's?

what live gigs have banco de gaia done?

what dj sets have banco de gaia done?

what tracks have banco de gaia remixed?


where has banco de gaia's music been spotted?

what isn't known about banco de gaia?

where can i learn more about banco de gaia?



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