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  where has banco de gaia's music been spotted?

the music of banco de gaia has appeared on many compilations, either released to showcase artists on a particular record label, or for a particular genre (eg. world music).

in television, their music has also appeared on american television commercials (miller light, ford, bmw) european television commercials (erikkson), and on u.k. television (various travel programmes, 999, ray mears, blue peter, formula one motor racing).

in film, their music has appeared in pi, centre of the world, and synthetic pleasures.

  what isn't known about banco de gaia?

while this faq answers a lot of questions about banco de gaia you may not know, there are still many unanswered questions. These include:

  • whether banco de gaia has tried to get signed up with a major label (eg. warner, sony) or purposely chosen to stay on smaller labels for creative reasons

  • the meanings behind the track titles on all his albums (there's some interesting ones out there!)

  • details about the music videos last train to lhasa, and i love baby cheesy, plus whether any others have been done

  • whether world bank catalog number wbc001 exists, and what it is

  • why banco de gaia had a falling out with planet dog

  • how banco de gaia got the rights back to the old catalogue

  where can i learn more about banco de gaia?

there are no known books about banco de gaia but some world wide web sites exist. these are:

  • rich morley's site which reviews banco de gaia releases

  • banco de gaia's u.s. record company 6 degree records


so there you have it - as much information about banco de gaia as i could find! i would like to thank all those people who have contributed to the FAQ - your help was much appreciated and the information you supplied was priceless! special thanks go to toby marks, whose information and regularly released music made this web site become reality, and ted duggan who made an effort to contact me and provide some good articles.

should you find any facts in this faq as wrong, or have any further information to add to this faq, do not hesitate to contact me. thank you for reading and happy banco de gaia listening!


this faq wouldn't have been possible without the help of the following people (apologies to those i may have missed!): toby marks, rich morley, ted duggan, and denise.

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