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  record company support

when people visit this web site they generally want to know two things before anything else: what an artist's current album/single is like; and when the artist's next album/single is due out and any details about it.

to answer both of these questions requires three things - someone who is aware of releases before the public, promotional material, and the actual cds themselves. and there is only one source of all these three things - a record company!

so if you are a record company who has an artist on your label who has a style of music similar to Hybrid and you want them to be made more aware of, please contact me by any of the methods listed below. i listen to any product sent to me and post reviews of material I feel will be of interest to my readers. it is with these reviews that the thousands of people who visit this site may decide to buy the product.

to date this site has got the support of gecko records (united kingdom). i'm hoping that you may also see the benefit my site can give to your artists and record labels.

please feel free to contact me by email.

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