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while this website has magically appeared before your eyes in seconds, it has actually taken hundreds of hours of research, design, and development to create!

i do it out of the love of the artist and to further my own skills, yet there are still some expenses which are unavoidable. these include internet service provider (isp) charges and charges to store the website contents. add to this equipment costs like a pc, scanner and thinks get more miserable! then of course there's all the cd's of the artist purchased, sometimes solely so they can be added to the discography.

in short it's an enjoyable but time & cost burden!

there is absolutely no obligation to visit this site, whether it be once or a hundred times. if, however, you do get a lot of benefit out of the site and wish to offer some financial support, simply click the button below and you'll be helping out. money will primarily go towards isp charges and hosting fees. thanks!!

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