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big men cry review

itís been two years coming, but for toby marks itís been time well spent. touring the u.s. with the amazing ebn and the u.k. and europe on his own, banco de gaia returns with a long awaited full length rife with global insinuations. a mix of earth and machine, big men cry searches for a universal balance between the two opposing forces. opening with the constant trickle of time, drippy, is a microcosm of the entire album. it explores the planetís dark and wet past, searching for lifeís original rhythms and finding it, chronicles dance on past the present, into a future as imagined by the man named after a 16th century spanish missionary.

fortunately, itís seems a blissful future. narrated by chanting monks and choirs of angels who guide you past a sterile, technological and cold-as-outer-space might-be world into place warm and layered with life.

spreading the word of other genius, celestine is a long and meandering homage to pink floyd. dick perry from dark side of the moon and wish you were here lends a beautiful baritone sax to the hammond sample and gentle beats. the album glides easily on through to drunk as a monk through space/time led by chanting monks from the 12th century. both one billion miles out and starstation earth probe farther out into the universe but fear not the unknown, theyíre sugar coated for easy listening and digestion, reminiscent of disney rides: interestingly layered for the adults but not too scary for the little ones.


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