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big men cry review
(by hank)
december 1999

a somewhat atypical album to be put out by mike dog's label, as he seems lately to be more interested in deep dub or more tribal sounding enterprises. but wait, drippy with its creative use of interlocking tempos, definitely kicks a tribal groove. and since it clocks in at a brisk (at least for banco) 135 b.p.m., it can't really qualify even in the most ridiculous sense as ambient music. more like transglobal or loop guru in a mellow moment. unfortunately, as this well-established groove ends, there is nothing to keep it going. the b.p.m.s stay mostly the same, but the groove mutates into a smooth jazziness that banco really doesn't do a wonderful job of sustaining. luckily they lob some very loose dub elements into it to achieve kind of a spaced-out, pink floyd instro vibe. of course, getting orb-y this late in the ambient game can be a roll of the dice. drunk as a monk sounds like a polynesian war chant as heard through a steel oil drum, with art of noise presiding over the proceedings. definitely worth checking out, or checking out to...:)


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