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maya & last train to lhasa review
(by dorian lynskey)
may 2002

global electronica by way of leamingston spa.

the alleged sub-genres "global techno" and "eco-ambient" have rather fallen by the wayside since the early '90s, perhaps due to the whiff of tie-dyed trousers and ch'ai tea. for a short while, though, the stew of world music, dub and mellow trance was the toast of the festival circuit and toby marks was one of its most ambitious practitioners, as his 1996 live at glastonbury album attests. dated though it is, 1994's mercury-nominated maya still has its moments, chiefly the middle eastern sway of mafich arabiand the cosmic skank of shanti, while '95s last train to lhasa is better than a concept album about the plight of tibet has any right to be. however, ...lhasa's remix disc, with its 36-minute version of kincajou, should be avoided at all costs.

maya - 3 stars out of 5
last train to lhasa - 3 stars out of 5


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