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10 years review
august 2002

the most striking thing about this 10 year double cd retrospective of toby marks' career is the fact that he's obviously aiming to create an emotive spiritual dimension to his music, rather than merely blasting us into submission with foot-tapping choooons. and that's laudable enough, eh? what's wrong with lush, global textures informed by dub, breaks, fusion, techno and more? nothing at all! the only criticism, though, is that banco hasn't been enough of a maverick to create the kind of timeless surprises that would sound relevant today. hence, enjoy it for what it is - euphoric, uplifting beauty from yesteryear.

3 squares out of 5


reproduced without permission from dj magazine (no21/vol3 10-23aug02). to be used for private and research use only. original article is here.

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