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banco de gaia raves up dv8s
(by citizen who)
october 6 1999

dancin' feet. . .cuttin' the rug. . .bustin' a groove. however you say it, if you are alive and like to dance, check out "the mixer tour" on thursday, october 14 at dv8. "the mixer" brings national djs dj craze and dj infamous and international act banco de gaia ("world bank," for those without a spanish/english dictionary.) if by some trick of fate these artists are unfamiliar, lookee here:

dj craze (this is not his given name. his friends call him delgado, aristh delgado.) has an impressive resume, the kind you would swear he paid someone to write. take a deeeeep breath: he won the zulu national championship in 1996; won the winter music conference championship; placed first in the dmc achieving the east coast champion title, officially won the title "champion" at the western hemisphere scratch-off; earned the east coast champion title; won first place at the world dmc finals in paris and played with some serious heavy hitters: the fugees, wu-tang clan, big punisher, busta rhymes, biggie smalls, krs-1 and tribe called quest. oh and he's only 21 years old. (breaking protocol by the use of first person, let this be said: i. . .feel. . .like. . .such. . .a. . .failure.)

dj infamous, aka marco rodriguez, started turntabling at the tender age of 16, and, only one year later, won the itf south east regional battle. after winning the us champion in the all-around category, infamous went on to represent the us in the itf Finals of 1998, placing second. in may of 1999, infamous appeared in the mtv hip hop week and according to the press release, became the "first person ever to beat juggling on a national cable broadcasting show."

banco de gaia is the clever disguise of englishman toby marks. and who better than the man himself to describe his music. in an interview with of justin hampton of burrelle's, marks said, "all the stuff that i was into before dance music--the psychedelic stuff and the rock and the folk and the jazz and everything - i never actually turned my back on it and said, oh, i wish i had never done that. it's all stuff i was into at the time and kind of experimented with and learned a bit from and took ideas from. and now, it's all thrown into the melting pot with the technology and the techno and the ambient stuff. so what I do now is a combination of all that." are you intrigued yet. . .

for further information regarding "the mixer tour", call dv8 or clubhead records, who is co-sponsoring the event.


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